Sunday, September 26, 2010

Austin, TX (#1)

We went to Austin, TX, Labor Day weekend, which was also our 7th Anniversary.  We had fun in Austin and even took Vern with us. Since I can only post so many pictures a day I'll add a few the next few days.

They were cleaning up the top of the capital.

The glass on the bottom of the picture has many offices underground, there at least two other halls like this one to the left and right.

This is the middle where all the hall connect. Looks really cool.

We got to go inside and walk around, really really cool.
I believe it was built in 1882 and I love all of the detail.

Love the stairs...There are four floors (that we know of).

Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Adoption Re-Cap

From a lot of e-mails I have been getting, many of you did not know about our adoption. Let me re-cap for yall. So here we go....Scott and I had been talking about adoption for awhile, but we always thought it would be later on. You know you just keep pushing it back and back after Katrina. Anyway, we have met about 5 families who have adopted from all over the world. We talked with two different couples, one adopted overseas and one adopted within the state of Texas. The more we prayed, and talked with these couples, we both felt it was time to start the process.
1. Before 2009 Christmas  vacation we filled out our paperwork and started the process with Gladney Adoption Agency.
2. We filled out a ton o paper work...let me tell you people are not lying when they say it is a mountain of paperwork. And, it isn't the easy questions either, you really have to think about your whole family and what you "think" you will be prepared for.
3. We went to a three day course, goes over all the worse case scenarios, first aid, cpr, growth stages, car seats, you get the jest.
4. Home study~ two parts. a) They come and inspect your house, like how many kids can your house hold, is it clean, is it safe that kind of stuff. b) You sit and talk with a Gladney worker and talk about your childhood, mom, dad, the good, the bad and the ugly. {I was more nervous about this part, than them coming to look at the house}.
5. Wait for your home approval from the State while you wait you put together a picture book and a one page profile of your current family. (We are approved but we are still waiting on the Letter itself to be signed).
6. This is where it could take awhile. You have to wait for your agency to pair you with kids, then you wait on the cps worker to approve you (could take 6 weeks or more), then the cps worker sends the kids profile to your agency and they check the kids background profile. If they think its a match then we'll get the kids backgrounds and say yes or no.
7. When we say yes we'll go meet the kids at their foster parent house. Then we'll go back to their city and they'll spend the night at a hotel with us. Then we'll drive/fly them back to our house (This could happen all in one weekend, depending on the situation).
8. Once we have them here a Gladney worker will come visit us once a month for six months. Which I think is a good thing, we are free to call ask questions/advice.
9. After the six months we go back to the kids original city court house and we'll be their legal parents, new birth cert, social, they'll have our last name and if they want to change their name (within reason) they can do that too.

We have found quite a few on the TEAR web site, but have not heard anything back yet.  We are looking to adopt two - three, boys or girls, ages 2 - 12, we are kinda scared to get four right off the bat. Right now Scott and I keep telling ourselves that God's timing is perfect, He knows where our kids are and when we'll get them. For now we keep praying for them, and hope that they'll be here before we know it.
Adopted for Life is a good book I have recently read.
I love this verse  "Rejoice in Hope, be Patient in Tribulation, be Constant in Prayer" ~ Romans 12:12

Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 11, 2010 at OSU

It was really nice they honored everyone who lost their life due to the tragedies on 9/11 before the game and during half time. They had a representative of almost every branch of government it was really nice.

This little guy was so cute...all decked out in OSU stuff.

Their cowboy had a cannon and a shot gun he would fire "at will"
I just about jumped every time he shot it. It was fun though.

OSU we'll be coming back

This year Scott and I drove 4 hours away to Stillwater, OK. After we went to the Arkansas game last year and we happened to run into the one fan who was trying to provoke a fight, I was nervous going to another out of state football game. I understand there is smack talk but what the AR fan was saying was so unappropriated that some of his college friends made him leave us alone. We were almost there and we drove through Perkins city...can you believe it (We have friends in VA, their last name is Perkins). We found a whole Perks city and I have to tell you their High School are the Perkins Devils (or Blue Demons something like that) ... ha ha. Anyway we get to Stillwater and park a mile away from the football field. The guy selling parking spots said " Have a safe game"...we were like WHAT did you say, maybe we should go home. He laughed and told us he meant he hoped Troy would have a safe no injury type of game. So I was still really nervous, we had to walk by all the student housing and hangouts, with no Troy fans in sight...just a sea of Orange. We had a blast, we sat in the middle of a OSU section and had a great time. Some people would walk up to us and say "Thank you for coming to Stillwater we hope you enjoyed it." Troy lost but we did have a good time and we will be going back.
We had some people for Sunday School today, but I'll write about that tomorrow.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Now that we have been approved to adopt we are over qualified babysitters....ha ha.
Scott and I are babysitting a one year old little boy tonight. He is a cutie, big eyes, a couple of little teeth, he wobbles when he walks, and for a little one he has a little deeper voice than most. He is full of energy and Loves Vern, and visa versa. If Vern goes downstairs he wants to go too, he'll say dog. The poor little guy is teething and has some snot issues, which became even worse when I tried to rock him asleep. Vern was so worried when he cried, I guess it hurt his ears and knew something was not right. Anyway all is well, he is sleeping with his little bear and we are listening to him with the baby monitor.
Hopefully a preview of what our little ones will be like.

We have had a busy last month. Scott started a new job with Guidestone in "uptown" Dallas. So far he and the new crew have been training and will soon be let loose to go write insurance. From what I understand they are starting almost from scratch, which is exciting and scary at the same time. But, I am pretty sure it is all going to work out fine.

Scott has also started teaching Sunday School again (Adult Bible Fellowship). So far no one has shown up, which is sad because he is a good teacher. But, maybe it is just bad timing.

Scott also started going back to DBU last spring and has three classes this semester. As you can see Scott is pretty busy..  :-). I have been debating whether to lead a bible study or not. I have also been busy thinking about my childhood, dealing with issues there, growing and moving on.

I am going to post some pics of our Austin and Stillwater trips from the last two weeks. Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


So as many of you figured out, we are in the midst of adopting. We are approved by the state of TX and deemed capable of caring for children. YAY, We have hit our ninth month and my mind is thinking its time to have kids. I feel like I should have the house done, their rooms painted, and decorated, but we don't know who we are getting yet, so it's not a good idea to do that yet. For me right now the adoption is really nerve wracking and I'm trying.....trying to be patient. We have submitted many groups we are interested in, but have not heard a peep back yet. I take that back, One group were adopted by their foster parents...yay for them :-). I know that we still have plenty of time, but What you know and how you feel about something can be totally different. I have to keep reminding myself 1 God is in control. 2. God knows where our kids are 3 God is in control, HIS timing is perfect, Mine is not. ~~~ this goes on over and over in my mind, one day I'll get it.
Hugs to all of our friends

Monday, January 18, 2010

Off on a beautiful day

Today is so beautiful.
Keep us in your prayers we have some big decisions to make within the next couple of years. We both want to follow God's will and HIS lead. We know God will provide and take care of us, but we also know that sometimes we have to step out in Faith and start the process. I know I am being vague but we don't quite want everyone to know, yet. Anyway, we still are not to sure what we are going to do. We are excited and nervous at the same time.

God Bless and enjoy this wonderful day.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year ~ 2010

Love the colors in these roses.

Grandma and I went to Bliss in Panama City, FL and got a pedicure.

Family eating Christmas morning breakfast, yum.

Remember when you used to get into trouble for peeking at presents?.........Got cha Grandpa

We hope that everyone had a great Christmas holiday and that 2010 will be a wonderful year for your family. Our trip was very long and we are happy for the four day weekend to re-coupe.

This year is going to be busy for us. Scott has been accepted to DBU to go for a Global Leadership, dual MA. He is probably going to start in January, so he is kicking off the New Year and going into his studies. And there are some other things going on, with us and with our families, which we may tell later on. If you remember, pray that we will follow God's lead and trust that we'll remember that He will work everything out for His Glory.