Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2nd Snow & 8th Birthday

We had a second snow and I think Skyler has had two weeks off because of the snow/ice. My weather app says it is supposed to snow tomorrow also...What?? I don't think I can take it, lol.

Skyler was more prepared for this second one, although it was more ice/slush than snow. He could make snowballs (more Ice ball than snowball), the bad thing is when he did hit me, it really hurt. He is not so gentle when throwing objects. He was also able to make "My own snowman", very cute.

Loved he could pick it up in chunks

Sky's own Snowman

Family Snowman

They moved because
"It's to hard to throw Up Hill!" Lol

Trying to get Dad

Then Sky would back up, Ha.

Yes it is a boy snowman
Snowman a few days later

8th Birthday

Very excited about Red & Black cleats,
Not GA inspired...just saying

This was not what he thought...this is the
What is this thing look

Shawn White!!!

Thanks Regular G-ma ~ SO Excited!!

Thank you GG-pa and GG-ma,
he loved it!
 "We can paint it however We want!"

Our neighbors are so sweet and gave him some goodies too. He loved the Superhero shield and boxing glove 

We checked him out of school for
Birthday Lunch. We went to"Stake & Shakes"
He chose a sundae for dessert.

He loved it.

We went out for dinner. First time trying
calamari. "It doesn't taste like anything, I guess I like it" lol. We planned on going to church after, but dinner took longer than we thought.

Skyler asked for ~ "Make a chocolate cake, cut a hole in it...I don't know what to do with that..you eat it or give it to Vern...then, can you put vanilla and chocolate ice cream in the hole?"

Finished product...ice cream melted a little,
but not bad.
Skyler has had some of the same behavior issues at school off and on since kindergarten. He knows it is wrong, he can control himself, he just wants to do what he wants. I told him you are like the saying "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink". He laughed and said I'm not a horse. After explaining what it meant, he just looked at me with the smirk face...you got me kind of look.
This verse kept popping in my head
~ "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD." Isaiah 55:8
One of the things Sky and I have in common is we are stubborn. How many times in my life have I decided I know better than God (my Father)..ignored what I know God wants me to do..wrestled with a verse because it caused my spirit pain...didn't deal with a sin because I just didn't want to acknowledge it...or if that person hadn't of ___ I would not have ____?
It can be maddening when you know what will help your child to have a fulfilling (fun) life in the long run and they refuse. I don't want Sky to be the kid always sitting by the teacher, the only one with a behavior chart in his class, sitting at the silent table. I pray, hope and rejoice when I see any glimmer of change {and there has been many other changes :0) }. I cannot comprehend how much more God rejoices when we begin to willingly surrender to Him. When we come to Him and ask for His thoughts, His guidance and wisdom.
I have learned a lot about people, situations and life through out my short life. Skyler is not flesh of my flesh, that does not matter, I love him. Skyler has been such a great teacher of God's love for me...for all of Us as His children.