Saturday, December 17, 2011


Skyler has his last week of school this week. He can't believe it is his last week of school for this year...He is still trying to grasp the concept of a new year.

He has been a little naughty the last couple of weeks. I asked him today which list Santa has him on, he looked at me, looked down, then back at me and said "The Naughty List" with the saddest face he could muster. It is totally true, but I felt bad for him...a little bit. I think it is totally normal for kids to go a little coo coo around Christmas, but some of the things he has pulled there is no excuse. 

We went to see The Trains last Saturday, it was really cool and the admission goes to the Ronald McDonald House in Dallas. We met another couple there, Kevin and Maureen, they have four sons, three of which are close to Skyler's age. Anyway there were all kinds of trains and different scenery's like the Grand Canyon, New York, and the Dallas Fair. The boys were a little over whelmed when we first went in, but they started noticing all the different scene's and moving parts. They were all really cute.

Aren't they just the Cutest things you've ever seen?

After lunch we went to Half Price Books and Skyler saw another Santa, this Santa was so funny and really took time to talk to the kids. Skyler said "He was the real Santa" I'm not going to post this picture yet, so the Grand Parents can see it first. :0) But here is Skyler with a Santa Hat.

Last Sunday after Church and rest time, Scott recruited Skyler to help in the yard. They cut down some limbs in the front yard (which is why I think Skyler was wearing his bike helmet). When I got home they were still dragging all the limbs to the back yard, cutting them up and burning them in the fire pit. Skyler or should I say Crash Test Skyler was running and jumping into the tree limbs. I don't think he realized that a pile of leaves are totally different than leaves still on the tree limbs. He loved it and I cringed every time he jumped into the limb/leave pile.

Yesterday, Friday Skyler's class had a party. They had a big snowman cookie with icing and other decorations to make their own snowman. They had cupcakes, fruit, cheese, crackers, some meat slices and carrots. Most of you probably know the kids went for the snowman cookies and cupcakes. Then they realized that they could cram the icing in their faces and it went all over their face and mouth. I think if I had not been there, Sky would have had icing in his hair too. HA. Here are some pictures below.

Sky gave his snowman eyes and ears, 
but it looks like four eye's..  :0)

We'll post more Christmas pictures and activities in the next week or two.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

First Thanksgiving with Skyler

The Kindergartner's had a Thanksgiving Parade in the school. They were cute and all shy since the parents were lining the hallways. I ate lunch with Skyler and met a few of the kids in his class. And, one special girl he announced was "My Bella", then he turned red and gave me the shy, cute smile. HUM... I think he is a bit young to call any girl his. He was so excited that I came to lunch, I was too.

Skyler in the parade

He wanted to show off the necklace he made.

Thanksgiving ~ We went to Uncle Will and Aunt Michelle's house for Thanksgiving. We ate, relaxed, fished, spent time with family, and went to a Christmas Light Parade. Skyler loved the thanksgiving hat I found for him, below.

 Big cheesy smile. He didn't sit in front of the fire for long
"It's HOT!!!"... lol, he jumped up right after I took his picture.

We went fishen', "With WORMS!!!!"
Skyler loved fishing with worms,
and telling everyone else that was near us.

Skyler loved it, we all had fun!
Skyler got his first kiss, and face slap....from a fish.
To bad I didn't catch those on film.

It was a whole family event. 

This was one of the highlights for Skyler, looking for worms.

He was so proud

Scott, Skyler, Forrest and Ethan sitting
and waiting for the parade to start.

They had a few big trees around the square.
Skyler sat on Scott's shoulders for most of the parade.
He walked funny all the way back to the car, his
leg's went to sleep. "My leg's feel funny, Why???"

Skyler has really settled in, and for the most part his emotions have shifted. We have not seen the anger/rage in awhile. I think that he was unsure if we were really going to go to court and keep him, so he was pushing every button possible. Every once in awhile, I'll catch a glimpse of something in his eyes that he is not ready to reveal. He may not even realize it is there, but we will be here when he is ready to let it out. He is so, so excited about Christmas. He is ready to meet the rest of the family. I don't know if they are ready for him, little speed, fire ball of energy. HA!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Scott's Birthday and Our Court Date!!!!

Skyler was so excited that he got to celebrate Dad's birthday. Sky helped me make a cherry pie, my first pie. The crust on the top didn't look very pretty, but it tasted really good, success!! :o) We also cut out "Happy Birthday" out of construction paper, and we (I) blew up balloons and we taped them on the wall. Sky wanted to surprise Dad. He ran upstairs to get something and Dad ended up surprising Sky, it was funny. We learned not to put birthday candles in the pie...they melt...ha ha. Vern had a great time too,  Dad let him pop all of his balloons. Sky held his ears and laughed the whole time, it was so funny!

Happy Birthday DAD!!!
Sky wanted to blow the candles out so bad.

Sky was so excited last Sunday, we traveled to Dad's school, DBU. We walked around and took some pictures. Then we went to the hotel and he slept on another Transformer Bed. Vern slept with him at first, but Sky is such a wiggle butt, Vern left and slept next to Momma. None of us slept very well we were all to excited about the next day.

The chapel at DBU it is beautiful!

We woke up early on Monday and met Great Aunt Michelle and Great Uncle Will for breakfast. We left thinking we had plenty of time to get about 2 miles down the road, but we didn't realize there are about 15 lights in between, and we hit a few red lights. We park in front of a beautiful court house, walked all the way around to it and then we found out it is the wrong one. Boo! At least there was a lady there who pointed us to the correct building (which was on the same side of the road we parked on).
We finally get in and have to go through I wore my high heals that buckle, what was I thinking? HA. Up to the fifth floor and the lawyer was waiting on us, we were 15 min late, we were supposed to be there at 7:45 am. We only had two more papers to sign, and he preped us on the questions he was going to ask.  
We went into the court room, just on time :o). All this time we have been waiting, praying, filling out paper work, talking with CPS and our Agency and it only took 2 1/2 minutes for the adoption to be final. How crazy is that? There were a few other couples waiting and they all had cute babies. The judge told Scott he could put Sky up on the bench so the judge could see him. Sky got really nervous and talked in his cute/shy voice.  The judge also let Sky hit the gavel to make it official, really cute. I am so glad we had someone taped it so we could remember everything that happened, and that Uncle Will took some pictures for us. Our lawyer did ask Sky if he was going to obey us for the rest of his life and he said Yes (we have this on video, ha ha ha). I think all of us were really nervous. We got back to the hotel around 9 am and we were all exhausted. 
Sky making it official

Yay it's official!!!

After we rested for a little while, we headed out to watch the cattle drive in Ft. Worth. Sky thought it was "So Awesome!!!!" that the bulls walked down the road, and the police man road a The animals are so beautiful. 

We put Sky on the train tracks...
there was no train, don't worry.

Sky being a happy cowboy

This is his don't mess with me look,
 it is quite funny!!

Scott and Sky made Sausage Balls last night, YUM my favorite!! Sky says Saw Shege 

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving making Indian vest, and some turkey cut out thing. And, we are so excited for Christmas this year, we put the tree up today...yes today. I love, love Christmas and this year I had helpers to put the tree up! I love having Sky, he gets Scott involved a little more than normal. :0) 

This next week Sky's class is supposed to have a parade in the school. If I can get some pictures of them I'll post them next week sometime. I believe they are supposed to be Pilgrims and Indians.

First tooth is coming in pretty good.
The one next to it is on it's way.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Just Happened?

Yesterday morning we went to the dentist. 

  Sunday at church, Sky said I have a bump in my mouth. We looked at it when we get home and the top of his adult tooth has already come out from the gums. What? His baby tooth was solid like a rock. We had a dental appointment, perfect timing. Sky is super excited he has a tooth coming in and about the dentist visit (if yall didn't know he wants to be a dentist when he grows up, he is very instant about it).
We go to the dentist everyone is super nice and really good with him. We take ex-rays, they apply a sealant and we end up pulling TWO teeth. Tooth number 2 is coming in like tooth number 1. Sky had no clue until the assistant asked if he wanted to take them home for the tooth fairy. Then he walked out staring at the teeth in the package, with the look of "What just happened?", "How did they get my teeth?"... it was so funny.
I asked him when we got in the car, "Do you still want to be a dentist?" his mouth was full of gauze, so he nodded yes, with a mumbled sound.

Glasses for the bright light, 
cool cherry clown nose for the laughing gas, 
and mouth full of gauze...priceless!!

Can you see the new tooth #1? 
Tooth #2 is almost out too.

He is SO Excited!

The package has his teeth in it.

Momma Dot & Poppa used to use a smaller pillow to put the tooth/teeth under.
Makes it easier for the Tooth Fairy. Good Idea!

Dad bought a new book, that Glows in the Dark!!!
Pretty Cool!

This morning: He was so excited to see his dollar, he made a song about it. "I got a dollar, Yeah!" lol.

Monday, October 17, 2011

"My Other Cozens!!"

Skyler was so nervous and excited about meeting his cozens from Florida. We have a little book of pictures, so he knew what they looked like. I think he was excited that he has more cozens and this was the first time he would meet them, Aunt Laura and Uncle Heath. The weekend went by fast and they all had a great time. Skyler was worried about them when they left, if he would see them again, and if we were going to eat with them ect... Here is a play by play...
Thursday they dropped in for dinner and we had a fun crazy Hat night...

Laura and Audrey 
John, Meg and Sky 

John and Sky (funny face...ha ha)

John, and Heath

Scott...didn't want a pic... lol 

Meg, Scott and Sky

Friday we went to Magic Time Machine Restaurant. Sky, John, Meg and Audrey all got Bubbly drinks. Sky's was "Ugly" ha ha

Sat Morning they all came over for Breakfast.
They colored the animal mask they liked best.
John - Lion, Meg - Ostrich, Sky - Saber Tooth, Audrey - Monkey

Then we went to the fair. We watched and listened to the Marine Drum and Bugle Corps. They were so good, afterward we got to talk with the guys/girls and look at the instruments. I also got to visit with an old friend, Lee who travels, records, takes pictures, mixes sound ect....

Kids went Farming at the Fair, it was so cute!

Sunday we went Swimming. 1...2...3..Jump!!!!
The pool was a bit cold for Laura and I. Heath and the kids swam in the pool and then would come visit us in the hot tub.

 Berrrr, cheese smile... lol

After swimming we had dinner at Fuzzy's (Taco's...Yummy!). Skyler and Megan were trying to say tongue twisters. Megan is pretty good at it already, and Skyler can get a few of them..."Daddy Draws Doors"...say that one fast. He was really sad to see them go and wanted to clime in their van. When he realized we'll see them again in a few months he was excited.