Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School is out

I thought that Skyler was a little upset that school is out this week, but yesterday he said "I am so excited about Friday", I asked him why.... he said "Because I get to play with you all day" Awe.
I am glad that he has made it through this year. I have to say I am not such a fan of this school. This school is supposed to be a top ranked school in GA but I knew less of what was going on than his school in TX.  Hopefully his new school next year will be better. Yes poor fella, he will have another new school next year.

We have found a house and we'll be moving again this summer, but we'll have about a month to get everything over there. I am looking forward to getting settled in our home. I am going to have to paint a few rooms, but overall this house is by far the cleanest we have seen. I have to say I am surprised, shocked, disgusted and disappointed in how people don't take care of their home. I am not talking about a few spots on the floor or dirty windows. I am talking about inches of dust on fans, grease stained cabinets and having to pull up all of the carpet because of stains, spots and who knows what. I don't get why people don't take care of their home, much less think someone wants to buy their mess. Just goes to show, "You cannot judge a book by it's cover", in this case it is homes.

This has made me think of how we (humans) are. There are many times we want people to know us from the outside. Shiny, put-together, hair perfect, nails polished, makeup just right, the right house or car, you know perfect. When inside we are just a wreck waiting to happen. I know I have been there. Then you get stuck in pretending to be this fake person, and you begin to hate it because you can not live up to what you have made. My relationship with God. I loved God, but, I didn't really know who he is. The more I have dived into His word, the more I let Him into my life, the more I talk with Him and am still waiting on Him. The easier my life has been. Now I am not saying this will happen over night, can it yes, but that doesn't always happen. God has been working on me for years and, I am still not perfect. 
The good thing is we will be perfected one day in heaven. We don't have to be perfect right now. He wants us to try, step out in faith and trust him.

Revelation 3:20
Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.

May 4, 2012
One year from when we got Skyler
we visited Troy, AL

We were surprised to see a double rainbow.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One Year, Yup time flies

We cannot believe it, A whole Year!!!  ;o)
It has been a whole year since we first met our little guy. He has brightened up our life he won't understand himself, until he becomes a Dad.

 Skyler 2011 (Before Smith)

Skyler 2012 (After Smith)

        We cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. Last year we could not get down fast enough to meet him, we were nervous about meeting his foster mom, cps worker and most of all him. He has a super sweet sometimes wicked smile with eyes that just sparkle when he is happy. He sometimes reverts back to his old ways, and I have to say don't we all? He has come such a long way and in so many ways surpassed anything we could imagine. He has been a little mirror for me especially, and I am grateful (well now I am grateful at first it was like a rude wake up call, HA). All three of us have already grown so much as a family and had our ups and downs.

       He has loved kindergarten (grade Zero as he has said before) and is so excited for the summer to go to "Grandpas Pool". I am excited that we are closer so he'll be able to know his great-grandparents and grandparents and all of our church families all ove the south-east.

       There are so many children in the states that are in foster care right now, the last number I heard was 550,000. About 127,000 are waiting to be adopted, this is crazy to think that we have this many children with NO family. This is just in the states, not including all the other children in the world. I'm not saying everyone can/should adopt, however everyone can help one way or another. There are mentoring programs, fostering programs, sponsering families, full out adoption and if nothing else you can Pray

       Can you imagine turning 18 and never having a mom, dad, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandma to ask life questions? I am not saying they can't figure it out, or they are all helpless, but they should not be or feel alone. We cannot just be blind and not take some kind of action.

Hosea 14:3b
In you the orphan finds mercy.