Friday, September 30, 2011

Lets Go Back to the....

First Weekend of September

The first week of September is normally a big deal, because it is our Anniversary which sometimes falls on Labor Day.  :-)

During some of our anniversaries, we have been evacuated from Hurricane Katrina, moved from Richmond, VA to Dallas, TX and this year our A/C and a water main cracked (plus we have our five year old son, who is still not quite sure he believes we are his forever family). Katrina by far out weighs everything else, and as we all know each year has it's own complications.  Back to what happened this year. Our a/c went out on Saturday night, during one of the hottest summers we have ever experienced. Thank God this weekend was the weekend the weather got cooler. So, we thought we could tough it out. Sunday after we got home from church and fellowship with our Sunday School class, we were eating Ice Cream on the back porch enjoying the cool breeze. Scott went inside to take a call and Skyler started saying water was coming out of the drain. Next thing I know Scott yells "Chrissie Come Here".... I go to the front of the house and there is water everywhere and it is coming from under the bushes. As we have come to find out each state/city is different. Our main water turn off has always been in the house, that is until we moved here. The main water turn off is under lock and key in the front of our drive way. We now know you can purchase a key and keep in your home (which defeats the purpose of the key, right?). Anyway, I went back inside found the number to call, Scott called and Skyler is at the door saying "I didn't do it". I turned to look at him and he has mud all over the front of his body and on his face. Apparently Vern got him first...Ha Ha! So I told him, he could go play in the mud. I thought why not and it will keep him in the back yard. Skyler and Vern had so much fun, and both got a bath outside.....using the neighbors hose. So funny! Skyler announced "I like taking a bath outside!"
Our friends were kind to let us stay at their home for Sunday and Monday night. Longer story short, on our Anniversary (this year the day after Labor Day) we had the A/C man in the back of the house, the plumbers digging in the front. A neighbor came by and said "Looks like yall are having a bad day", he didn't know, we have learned to expect the unexpected. Ha ha.

Hope yall enjoy the pictures.
 This is how it started

Mud, Boy, Dog....What could be better?

 He is pretending to be a monkey, sound and everything

Ornery face
 Soooo Muddy!

 Shower outside using neighbor's water,  :0)

Just about clean

Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Weeks of School and ect...

August and September....Flying by!!!

Skyler enjoyed his first weeks of school. His first week of school there was birthday celebration for four of the five days. Thankfully this has not continued. The school does not allow cakes or food of any kind any more, so of course some smart parent decides to send little trinkets. The first one was a whoopee cushion, and yes Skyler absolutely LOVED it.

A few weeks ago our friends invited us over to their house to swim and celebrate a birthday. They have four boys, three which are close to Skyler's age. Their boys were so sweet and they all said "HI SKYLER" at about the same time. We cannot wait to get all of them together again. There were also three girls, which was ok (per Skyler).

 Picture of them all eating icey's. Skyler's was Blue, can ya tell?

Dad and Skyler were given tickets to go to the Bronco vs Cowboy football kick off game. Skyler was very upset that Dad and I both don't care for the Cowboys and actually wanted the Bronco's to win. Anyway, Skyler loved the magic tricks, the balloons, and face painting the best and the game was ok too.

He also got to meet Ronald McDonald

We had some new friends visit. They are soooo cute! Skyler didn't want to share his stuff and then realized what Brothers and Sisters would be like. He did share, but it was under a little protest.
We made the largest plastic cup tower ever!!!!

Skyler also go to go to a Rangers game with some other friends from Church...also soooo Cute!
We need to find some more Boy's to be friends with

We have heard that our court has been moved up here and we are now waiting to hear from our lawyer about Adoption Dates. YAY we are getting closer and the good news is it is going by fast.

Please continue to keep our family's transition in your prayers as we are all still learning about one another.