Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Settling In

Wow this summer has flown by.

Let's see we bought a house and moved in the first of July YAY! We are so excited to finally be back in our own place!! Skyler started 1st grade in August, poor kid this will be his 3rd school already. And, this is his 3rd major move to a new house within a year. Now that school has started and everything is almost un-packed he is starting to settle down..emotionally. Little did we know we moved into a community with a bunch of kids. Just on our culd-a-sac there are about 10 kids in elementary school. It is a little bit of an over load for Skyler.

Skyler has always talked about the karate kid and tried to do some of the moves so, we enrolled him in a class in August. It is great, and we all love it!!! The teachers are really good with the kids. Many of the life lessons they teach reinforces what we have already talked to Skyler about. For Skyler and us (parents) it is awesome!!! Skyler has already worked his way up to an orange belt, his next goal is yellow.

God is amazing!! Scott and I have seen him work many, many times in our life and we are still soaking it in. Don't lose hope when all is failing around you, hang on to Him. This is my life scripture: Rejoice in Hope, be Patient in Tribulation, be Constant in Prayer.
Romans 12:12

Here are some pictures of the summer and Karate... Hi Yaw!

Hum... what are the boys up to?
First Day of First Grade
He was so excited to get his orange belt!!

Last year I could not get him to play outside.
Now he says "I'm King of the Jungle!!!"