Thursday, September 3, 2009

Six years on Sunday

Scott and I will be married Six years on Sunday. It is amazing to look back on such a short time and see God at work in our lives. I don't mean to say that everything has been perfect, ie. Hurricane Katrina and the normal things that happen in life. However, to see that as long as we strive to follow God, to Know Him. He has moved us, prepared us, saved us, taken care of us.... Sometimes there is no "parting of the Sea" so to speak, but miracles still happen and God still moves.
I am so grateful for Gods love, that he brought Scott into my life (again, and again... lol), that Scott continues to Love God and Love me, and that we can and have grown together in life and spiritually.
For those of you who do not know, I finally found a full time job. YAY!!!! I am working at Careington International, this is my third week and I am still loving it. So grateful to have finally found a job, a year after we moved to Texas. Can't believe it has been a year.

We miss and love all of our friends that are spead out all over the states. Have a great Labor Day Weekend.
Keep all of the military men and women, and the Government officials in your prayers.