Saturday, November 12, 2011

Scott's Birthday and Our Court Date!!!!

Skyler was so excited that he got to celebrate Dad's birthday. Sky helped me make a cherry pie, my first pie. The crust on the top didn't look very pretty, but it tasted really good, success!! :o) We also cut out "Happy Birthday" out of construction paper, and we (I) blew up balloons and we taped them on the wall. Sky wanted to surprise Dad. He ran upstairs to get something and Dad ended up surprising Sky, it was funny. We learned not to put birthday candles in the pie...they melt...ha ha. Vern had a great time too,  Dad let him pop all of his balloons. Sky held his ears and laughed the whole time, it was so funny!

Happy Birthday DAD!!!
Sky wanted to blow the candles out so bad.

Sky was so excited last Sunday, we traveled to Dad's school, DBU. We walked around and took some pictures. Then we went to the hotel and he slept on another Transformer Bed. Vern slept with him at first, but Sky is such a wiggle butt, Vern left and slept next to Momma. None of us slept very well we were all to excited about the next day.

The chapel at DBU it is beautiful!

We woke up early on Monday and met Great Aunt Michelle and Great Uncle Will for breakfast. We left thinking we had plenty of time to get about 2 miles down the road, but we didn't realize there are about 15 lights in between, and we hit a few red lights. We park in front of a beautiful court house, walked all the way around to it and then we found out it is the wrong one. Boo! At least there was a lady there who pointed us to the correct building (which was on the same side of the road we parked on).
We finally get in and have to go through I wore my high heals that buckle, what was I thinking? HA. Up to the fifth floor and the lawyer was waiting on us, we were 15 min late, we were supposed to be there at 7:45 am. We only had two more papers to sign, and he preped us on the questions he was going to ask.  
We went into the court room, just on time :o). All this time we have been waiting, praying, filling out paper work, talking with CPS and our Agency and it only took 2 1/2 minutes for the adoption to be final. How crazy is that? There were a few other couples waiting and they all had cute babies. The judge told Scott he could put Sky up on the bench so the judge could see him. Sky got really nervous and talked in his cute/shy voice.  The judge also let Sky hit the gavel to make it official, really cute. I am so glad we had someone taped it so we could remember everything that happened, and that Uncle Will took some pictures for us. Our lawyer did ask Sky if he was going to obey us for the rest of his life and he said Yes (we have this on video, ha ha ha). I think all of us were really nervous. We got back to the hotel around 9 am and we were all exhausted. 
Sky making it official

Yay it's official!!!

After we rested for a little while, we headed out to watch the cattle drive in Ft. Worth. Sky thought it was "So Awesome!!!!" that the bulls walked down the road, and the police man road a The animals are so beautiful. 

We put Sky on the train tracks...
there was no train, don't worry.

Sky being a happy cowboy

This is his don't mess with me look,
 it is quite funny!!

Scott and Sky made Sausage Balls last night, YUM my favorite!! Sky says Saw Shege 

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving making Indian vest, and some turkey cut out thing. And, we are so excited for Christmas this year, we put the tree up today...yes today. I love, love Christmas and this year I had helpers to put the tree up! I love having Sky, he gets Scott involved a little more than normal. :0) 

This next week Sky's class is supposed to have a parade in the school. If I can get some pictures of them I'll post them next week sometime. I believe they are supposed to be Pilgrims and Indians.

First tooth is coming in pretty good.
The one next to it is on it's way.