Thursday, May 8, 2014

Easter & 3 year Anniversary

As always the year is flying by.

We ended up going to Panama City for Easter. Scott's dad was having surgery and Aunt Michelle and Coz. Ethan were visiting from Texas. Very short, productive and good visit. Here are some pictures.
On the way to Florida
Um no beard for me

Baby face beard

Easter, Scott stayed with Pop

He was so excited, he actually has three baskets

Family at First Baptist Church of Panama City, FL

Ethan and Skyler

Great Grandpa and Skyler

Skyler & I

Ethan, Skyler and Michelle

Hugs good bye

Awe sweet hugs
Saying good bye to PopPop
Going back the same way we came, Ha
Ice Cream tulips were blooming when we came home
We had a night Easter Egg hunt with our Newlywed Class
Skyler was the Bunny in training
We are all so excited that we hit our Three year Anniversary of Got-cha Day. It was last Sunday and we went to a Braves game to celebrate. We had a lot of fun, but it was hot in the stadium. Skyler and Scott went fishing after we got back. Scott bought crickets and even though they are harder to get on the hook, Skyler informed me "the fish like them a lot more".
 Here are some pictures from the game.

First Family Photo ~ 2011
This was about 8 am, we were all so tired!

Beautiful day, and Super bright
We had great seats, Skyler even got a ball
Skyler loved the bear


We ate first, nice view of the field
Not so good for pictures
Supposed to help with the glare... HA

Watching and getting ready to run to the dugout
The best way to get a photo...up close and personal  :0)
hot but happy, so cute

Skyler has been such a blessing to us and our family. We cannot imagine our family without him. We are looking forward to the summer and what God is going to do next. Jehova Jireh, has provided a son for us, that already had mannerisms of both Scott and I. It is mind boggiling.
The name Jehova Jireh, The LORD will provide, comes from
Genesis 22:14 ~ So Abraham call the name of that place, "The LORD will provide"; as it is said to this day. "On the mount of the LORD it shall be provided."