Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Where to begin

One way or another six months have passed. We have done many things in this time, some new and some just routine...none of which are too crazy like our friend Mr. Ed.
Anyway I could go month my month and drag out all of the details, which is no fun for anyone. So how about bullet points.
This has been a challenging year. Everyone of us (including Vern, my car and the house) has had some major issue this year. There are lessons to be learned unwavering faith, c, understanding, Agape love. Even through all of our issues we were able to travel to New Orleans, Ohio, Dallas and Jacksonville. Not to shabby.

Skyler "Jackson"
Its a little mock of Jackson Square in New Orleans, cute.


We went to Drago's for char-grilled oysters
We all loved them, Yum.
The real Jackson Square

Skyler ate a bug,
and talked Scott into eating one too...not so good.

We kitty-sat Nacho

Sky with Uncle Fred's Helmet on,
it was really cool.
All aboard the Bradford Train
Bradford Ohio, it used to have a turn-a-bout where they could change the direction of the train.
 I'm not sure if that is the correct name.
Skyler and Grand Master Soon Ho Lee
Sky was super excited!
On our way to Dallas, TX

Scott Graduated this summer from DBU.
So proud of him!!
Tomorrow will be 2 years Skyler officially became a Smith, we cannot believe how fast time has gone by. We have all come a long way and continue to work on getting closer as a family and to God.
    Psalm 29:11 ~ May the LORD give strength to his people! May the LORD bless his people with peace!