Thursday, June 5, 2008

Y'all won't believe this. I woke up and Scott was telling me to get my flops and the camera...kinda weird huh. Then he said Vern found a parrot, I thought how are going to catch a parrot. We put Vern in the house and looked under the deck and there it was..a cute little ferret. We picked it up and went inside and said, well now what do we do? Scott tried to google search what we could feed it, and then called Kemper to ask if they had a cat carrier to put the ferret in, she was everywhere. Then he remembered he saw our neighbors out the night before with flashlights in the middle of a storm. So we got Vern in the house and we walked over. As we got closer to their house the ferret got more restless while I was trying to hold her. When our neighbor came to the door, Scott asked if they lost a ferret and the screen door came flying open. They actually have four ferrets and two puppies. They were happy to see that she made it through the night and we were happy we found her home. What an interesting start to the day.

There's a Parrot????

Ferret under the Deck

She likes Scott...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Back from the Islands

One of the three rainbows we saw.

Lagoon is at the Hotel in Ko Olina.

Bellows AFB Beach

Kim and I went to Punch Bowl on Memorial Day.

We are so thankful to for our military personnel.

Bellows beach is to the Left. The ilsand behind us is called Rabbit Island.

This particular channel is a Humpback Whale Sanctuary. They travel here during the months of January through March, we just missed them.

Hey everyone. We are back, just about recovered from jet lag, and came home to a busy schedule. We are already thinking of how to get air miles and hotel point so we can go back, we absolutely loved it. I took so many pictures that I don't know which ones to post. As much as we loved it, it is always good to be home. Enjoy some of the sights we saw.