Saturday, December 17, 2011


Skyler has his last week of school this week. He can't believe it is his last week of school for this year...He is still trying to grasp the concept of a new year.

He has been a little naughty the last couple of weeks. I asked him today which list Santa has him on, he looked at me, looked down, then back at me and said "The Naughty List" with the saddest face he could muster. It is totally true, but I felt bad for him...a little bit. I think it is totally normal for kids to go a little coo coo around Christmas, but some of the things he has pulled there is no excuse. 

We went to see The Trains last Saturday, it was really cool and the admission goes to the Ronald McDonald House in Dallas. We met another couple there, Kevin and Maureen, they have four sons, three of which are close to Skyler's age. Anyway there were all kinds of trains and different scenery's like the Grand Canyon, New York, and the Dallas Fair. The boys were a little over whelmed when we first went in, but they started noticing all the different scene's and moving parts. They were all really cute.

Aren't they just the Cutest things you've ever seen?

After lunch we went to Half Price Books and Skyler saw another Santa, this Santa was so funny and really took time to talk to the kids. Skyler said "He was the real Santa" I'm not going to post this picture yet, so the Grand Parents can see it first. :0) But here is Skyler with a Santa Hat.

Last Sunday after Church and rest time, Scott recruited Skyler to help in the yard. They cut down some limbs in the front yard (which is why I think Skyler was wearing his bike helmet). When I got home they were still dragging all the limbs to the back yard, cutting them up and burning them in the fire pit. Skyler or should I say Crash Test Skyler was running and jumping into the tree limbs. I don't think he realized that a pile of leaves are totally different than leaves still on the tree limbs. He loved it and I cringed every time he jumped into the limb/leave pile.

Yesterday, Friday Skyler's class had a party. They had a big snowman cookie with icing and other decorations to make their own snowman. They had cupcakes, fruit, cheese, crackers, some meat slices and carrots. Most of you probably know the kids went for the snowman cookies and cupcakes. Then they realized that they could cram the icing in their faces and it went all over their face and mouth. I think if I had not been there, Sky would have had icing in his hair too. HA. Here are some pictures below.

Sky gave his snowman eyes and ears, 
but it looks like four eye's..  :0)

We'll post more Christmas pictures and activities in the next week or two.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

First Thanksgiving with Skyler

The Kindergartner's had a Thanksgiving Parade in the school. They were cute and all shy since the parents were lining the hallways. I ate lunch with Skyler and met a few of the kids in his class. And, one special girl he announced was "My Bella", then he turned red and gave me the shy, cute smile. HUM... I think he is a bit young to call any girl his. He was so excited that I came to lunch, I was too.

Skyler in the parade

He wanted to show off the necklace he made.

Thanksgiving ~ We went to Uncle Will and Aunt Michelle's house for Thanksgiving. We ate, relaxed, fished, spent time with family, and went to a Christmas Light Parade. Skyler loved the thanksgiving hat I found for him, below.

 Big cheesy smile. He didn't sit in front of the fire for long
"It's HOT!!!"... lol, he jumped up right after I took his picture.

We went fishen', "With WORMS!!!!"
Skyler loved fishing with worms,
and telling everyone else that was near us.

Skyler loved it, we all had fun!
Skyler got his first kiss, and face slap....from a fish.
To bad I didn't catch those on film.

It was a whole family event. 

This was one of the highlights for Skyler, looking for worms.

He was so proud

Scott, Skyler, Forrest and Ethan sitting
and waiting for the parade to start.

They had a few big trees around the square.
Skyler sat on Scott's shoulders for most of the parade.
He walked funny all the way back to the car, his
leg's went to sleep. "My leg's feel funny, Why???"

Skyler has really settled in, and for the most part his emotions have shifted. We have not seen the anger/rage in awhile. I think that he was unsure if we were really going to go to court and keep him, so he was pushing every button possible. Every once in awhile, I'll catch a glimpse of something in his eyes that he is not ready to reveal. He may not even realize it is there, but we will be here when he is ready to let it out. He is so, so excited about Christmas. He is ready to meet the rest of the family. I don't know if they are ready for him, little speed, fire ball of energy. HA!