Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas happenings and into the New Year

Happy 2012

We woke and started our drive to Panama City, Florida (or Grandma City as Skyler called it) at 5 am on Friday, 12/23. We were shocked that Skyler stayed up the whole 13 hour drive. I guess he was really, really excited and we were pleasantly surprised that he did really good on the long drive. He was excited when we drove into Louisiana and asked if we were close to Panama City...Ha if only it was that close. When we hit Mississippi he asked who Mrs. Sippi was, it took us a second to figure out what he meant, then we couldn't stop laughing. He started laughing too, which made it even more funny. And, I think we were all sleepy.

Sky was shy for about five seconds after he met each new family member and then it was like he had been there his whole life. He loved everyone but he really loved his grandpas, he would follow them around and want to play. We have some great pictures.

We had fish, shrimp and oysters one night. On the way home we asked Skyler if he wanted to try one. He said "I'll have to look at it first". He saw Momma Dot and Pop Pop eat one, and he watch Pop Pop shuck them. He finally decided to try one, it was so funny, he bit it and chewed a few seconds. Then he could not swallow it, so we let him spit it in the trash. He said I swallowed the juice and didn't like it. HA ha, he is braver than I am, I only eat cooked oysters.

He loved going to the beach, it was a bit to cold to go to far into the water, just ankle deep on a sunny day. He just cannot wait to go back to Florida in the summer to go swimming. He asked about swimming a lot.

Skyler didn't want to come back home, he was so disappointed that he had to come back with us. He slept a lot on the way back. He would wake up and ask "Are we still in ....(he would say the state he fell asleep in)" It was just like I used to do on road trips. All three of us were in one or another stage of having a cold/cough on the way home. We were all (including Vern) car sick by the time we pulled into the driveway.

First week we were back Skyler had a fever on friday so he stayed home, come to find out he has strep throat. Boo!! Thankfully Scott and I did not get it. Whew dodged that sickness.

We are on to the next adventure and I'll have to explain it another day.