Thursday, July 28, 2011

3 Months.... What

Here we are at three months (crash coarse in parenting a 5 year old).

Skyler has continued to soak up all he can and has learned so much. He can now Jump Rope 20 times in a row, What?? Which means he figured out how to cheat, flipping the rope around slower and stepping over He can jump rope normal, just once then he has to reset everything and jump again, so the other way seems more productive... ha ha.

The other day we were outside, he is just getting to where he likes going outside (Scott and I never had this problem when we were was kinda weird a kid not wanting to play). Anyway, after he road his bike, scooter, and jump roped, he found some dead snail shells, (they were just empty) he buried them, then said "Goodbye". At bed time he prayed that the snails were with God and playing with Him. So cute!!

We have had our monthly/weekly agency visits, CPS visits, therapy visits and CPS calls... who said adopting was easy.... right? Sometimes I wonder how anything can get done, when communication is not so great. Before I get on a soap box, let's change the subject.

Skyler has gone above and beyond what we were expecting, or should I say what we were told about him. I know that he is a great kid. But, we still have some days that are just bad. One time I asked him "What just happened?" and he said "I am just in a Bad Mood", I thought, well yeah, I already figured that Most of the time I am good at not laughing or smiling when he needs to know that something is not ok, but it was hard not to when he said that. In June early July we started a sticker a day for good behavior. If he gets two in a row he can either get a prize or get something back that has been taken away. Right now we are working on getting things back. Yesterday he got the majority of his books back, the only books I didn't take out was his Bible,10 Commandments book and I don't want to go to sleep book. I figured he needed to hear those the most, lol.

Yesterday we went into a store that has Christmas stuff up and Yes I said Christmas. We went up and down the aisle's and apparently Skyler has never seen a big Christmas tree (above two feet)...I can not wait to put ours up!! Anyway, he started singing Jinker Bells, Jinker Bells, it was funny. We have a clip of him singing Jinker Bells and Ho ho ho, Ho ho ho, HO HO HOOOO, in the bathtub.

Skyler is all ready for school. We have all the supplies we need and his clothes are just fine until he grows out of them. He knows he goes to school in August and August starts next week. But, I am not sure if he gets the days/weeks yet. I am excited for him and I have to say it is kind of weird to say I have a kid in school. Only being a Mom for three months, ya know. So here we come, onto the next adventure.

 These two are from the 4th.

This was last sunday at lunch.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A couple of First

I wanted to write these down before I forgot.

The Sunday before last....yes 6/10/11 we went Bowling. Now Skyler has never bowled before in a real bowling alley. He has played bowling on Wii (which he tells us is not a Video Game... ha ha). Anyway Scott would help him, and the bumpers were up when it was his turn. Skyler would bowl, then spin around to his left, squat down and jump up, lean and wave his arms around, he had plenty of time to all of this since his ball was not even 1mph, lol, quite funny. I have to admit I was worried that the ball would not make it down the alley. I think the fastest was about 3mph. I have videos, below is one of them.

Saturday 6/16 we went fishing. Skyler and I, were catching catfish left and right and poor Scott had to help us take them off. I don't mind bass or any other fish, but Catfish are a little creepy. All of the fish we were catching were little. Before we left Scott said "Just one more, then we'll leave" and of coarse that is when he caught the biggest fish of the day. So he had to cast again, right? And, he caught another big one...ha ha Skyler loved it. We didn't bring anything to take the fish home so we were catching and releasing and Skyler was ok with that. When we put the fish back in the water and they splashed us he would say "Take That!" as if the fish were splashing us on purpose. Cute. He really liked fishing and didn't want to leave, he asked "Can we go tomorrow?" when we said no he asked "What about Monday?" the next one was "I want use WORMS next time" Here are some pictures.

Dad's Big fish

The Boys
This was the second big catfish Scott caught.
When he pulled the fish up to take it off, it flipped right off the hook and got himself back in the water.
"Go Catfish Go"

The last First is, we went to a Rough Riders Baseball game "A Real Big Game" as Skyler put it. Someone gave us tickets to go and I personally love this field. Skyler loved it, but was disappointed that we didn't catch any fly balls. Towards the end Skyler picked up that you can dance and/or act funny to try and get on the "BIG Screen"....we'll have to keep an eye out next time we go.   :0)

This picture turned out better.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Two Months and One Week

So I think I am doing pretty good just to write something once a month... although I am sure some of  you wish it was more often.

Skyler is super excited to start school in August and has asked what month we are in...almost every morning. School will be here before we know it and I'll have to remind Skyler that he was excited at one time to go to school.

Skyler says that he wants to go to China with Dad and I so he can get a cross like Dad's. While in China Scott found a man carving wood necklaces, the man only had one cross and Scott bought it. The crazy thing is Scott has been looking for a cross necklace for about four or five years and we never would have guessed he would find the one he liked in China.

We got a little pool (about two feet deep and ten feet in circumference), at first Skyler did not want to do anything but stand. But, now he can swim, kinda doggy paddle with his arms and kicks with his feet, not to pretty, but he gets around. All of that to say his confidence has really grown. He used to say he can't do anything, but now he at least tries. We went to a friends Big Pool, by the end of the day he was jumping in the shallow end with no float...trying to make a cannon

Skyler loved that he got to stay up way past his bed time for the 4th of July. I don't know if he really watched the fireworks though, since he talked and asked questions the whole time. He loved that he and Dad got to sit next to one another and that he got to have a glow in the dark necklace.

The other day he told Scott that he missed his old friends and foster mom. Scott told him that it was ok and natural to miss them. It was sad to hear him say that and his little voice got all quivery and he started to tear up. But it is good that he knows he can talk to us about stuff like that and he is starting to open up with his feelings and things that have happened to him.

Skyler started summer advanced T-Ball. They throw three pitches to the kids and if they don't hit the ball, then they get to hit off the T. Pretty good idea, huh? Skyler is doing really good and is super happy that he is on a team. Skyler was told before that he is Left handed, but he clearly is Right handed. He has only batted Left handed, that is until now. We were playing whiffle ball and Scott and I took turns batting on both sides. To Skyler's amazement he can bat Left and Right handed.

Skyler at a game, he was so excited that Dad 
and I were there to watch him. (He told
Dad that he didn't think I was coming, so he was SO, so
excited when he saw me taking pictures of him)


Before we went in the Big Pool
Mrs. Becca asked Skyler to keep the ball up high, 
so the girls could get sunscreen on...they didn't like it.
Skyler did so well with them and he loved that they watched
him swim and tried to copy him....that he could teach them something.

Scott and I nicknamed Skyler little mocking bird. For us it was quite an adjustment having a little one follow and repeat everything you do and say. Which we know is good and quite normal, however we kind of threw ourselves into it. Skyler has reminded us that we are supposed to repeat and follow Christ everyday and that HE is pleased with us when we do follow and repeat and follow and repeat (you get the point).

Ephesians 5:1 "Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children"